While Android 6.0 Marshmallow is still being updated on lotsa smartphones, Google has released a preview version of Android N lately, which surprised people a lot.

android n

Android N: Another “delicious” dessert for you!

Recently, Google let people see their first Developer Preview of the upcoming Android N operating system. And yes, it comes with a letter before being officially launched as usual, and we bet it is also a kind of dessert and the final name will be out in the next months. But, what’s your opinion? Nutella or… Okay, maybe later!

Talking about one important new thing on Android N OS, it is said to be the addition of a multi-window mode, or like what some others call it: “split-screen multitasking”. Speaking specifically, developers will incorporate the mode into their apps by using a “manifest attribute” and it will turn out to be what you see in the pictures. Tablets, smartphones and even televisions will all be able to get this feature, especially TVs can sport a “picture-in-picture mode”.

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Besides, there are also some other interesting things about the Android N you need to know. Say, the upcoming OS will allow you to reply to incoming requests directly from the notification. Moreover, developers will be able to group notifications of the same app together and each of them can be expanded into individual ones by pressing an expansion button or using a two-finger gesture. And you should note that Doze Mode in Android N will be improved as well to make the device’s standby battery life better.

How to download Android N?

The last question is how to download Android N. Google did publicly post factory images for the Android N Developer Preview. And please keep in mind that they are only available for products like Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9,Nexus Player, plus Pixel C for now, and for developers to “fiddle with”, not for daily use. At the moment, there is a special page where you can sign up for the new Android Beta Program. Hopefully we will see a full version of the new Android OS soon.


[Source:- GSMarena]