One Day Delhi to Rishikesh Trip by Cab [Price & Itinerary]

It was a late-night trip; our cab had left Delhi for Rishikesh. But sleep was distant from the eyelids because of the urge to get lost in Uttarakhand’s stunning plains. We all were gossiping with each other in the cab. Just then, the driver of the cab played melodious music. In this music celebration, someone’s feet were shaking, and someone was swinging in fun. In the darkness of the night, the cab was moving at its own pace, while here we were also enjoying this journey of Rishikesh a lot.

Rishikesh is located in Uttarakhand, India, only 50 kilometers from the capital Dehradun. It is the second place after Haridwar, where river Ganga descends from the mountains, joins the plains, and starts its journey of about 2600 kilometers.

Explore the beauty of Goa Beach

We reached Uttarakhand at five in the morning. The gusts of cold wind coming from the cab window gave a different feeling. The view outside was mesmerizing. Winding roads, clouds passing through the mountains, and greenery scattered all around, the immense beauty of nature was everywhere as far as the eyes could see.

To explore the beauty of this place, we started searching for Rishikesh Car Rental. Because our journey with this cab was till here, as soon as I reached Goa Beach in Rishikesh, I was delighted to see the scenery here and could not stop taking selfies with the waves of the Ganges. Why was it called Goa Beach despite being in Rishikesh? These questions were also roaming in my mind at that time like the waves of the Ganges.

Place is full of exciting locations.

Later it came to know that for 10-15 years, this place has been called Goa Beach. Foreign travelers come here a lot. Due to the crowd of foreign tourists, this Ganga Ghat gradually became famous by the name of Goa Beach. Local tourists also started coming here after hearing the word of Goa Beach. Since then, the name of this Ganga Ghat has climbed on everyone’s tongue as Goa Beach.

Now we had to camp in the mountains. Although Rishikesh is famous as a yoga and pilgrimage city, now this city is making its own identity among the youth in the form of adventure tourism. Here you get full enjoyment of the adventure. This city has it all, be it Himalayan trekking, river rafting, bungee jumping, or any other adventure sport.

Amazing experience with trekking

By the time we reached the top while trekking, everyone’s condition was battered. After walking for about two hours on the mountains’ rocky roads, we started seeing our camp when we got the height. We all went to our respective tent rooms as soon as we reached here. As soon as he arrived there, he first went to freshen up. Breakfast consisted of poha, puri-sabzi, tea bread, and egg. After eating this, the body gets some energy.

Next day in Rishikesh

The following day after breakfast, we did bungee jumping and river rafting. And went out to visit many nearby places. We had to return in the evening on the same day. We packed our belongings, searched for rishikesh to delhi cabs online, and after an easy booking, left this wonderful place and returned to our destination.

The final take

I didn’t even know when I fell in love with this city while roaming around this place. But if you are planning to travel somewhere, then definitely include Rishikesh in your list. Because there is so much to enjoy here that you may not want to leave.