Last week at MWC in Barcelona Acer announced the Android-running version of its much-hyped Jade Primo smartphone (which runs Windows 10 Mobile). The Android device is calledLiquid Jade 2, and we have some bad news if you live in the UK and want one.

It turns out that Acer will not officially be selling the Liquid Jade 2 in the UK. While an actual reason for this hasn’t been given, we assume the company knows this handset wouldn’t gather a lot of interest, in a sea of pretty similar Android-running offerings.

The flip side of all this is that Acer is apparently anxious to be bringing the Jade Primo to the UK. It will be sold both directly to enterprise customers, but also to consumers who want it. The Primo supports Microsoft’s Continuum feature in Windows 10. An exact release date for the phone isn’t available yet, but we assume it’s going to be in stores pretty soon.


[Source:- Gsmarena]