The HolidayIQ app has found that more than 67 percent of young Indian travelers prefer to use their smartphones to click photographs rather than using DSLRs.


In a survey conducted amongst its 12 million-strong traveler community, HolidayIQ said this battle between smartphones and point-and-shoots has ended, with a large number of travelers saying that the photo quality of a smartphone camera could come close to matching that of a DSLR.

The survey also found that 16 percent of travelers used both smartphones and DSLRs, 11 percent were DSLR purists, while three percent used a digital point-and-shoot camera. The reasons for Indian travelers preferring smart phones to DSLRs were as follows:

  • I can share photos instantly – 81 percent
  • I can capture the moment before it passes – 74 percent
  • Easy to use – 21 percent
  • Low maintenance and I can use it more than my DSLR – 32 percent
  • Fits in my pocket and I can take it anywhere – 38 percent

The survey also found that 41 percent of women admitted to taking ‘selfies’ compared to just 35 percent of men. The survey also reveals the popular photography accessories among Indian travelers, which included a selfie stick (21 percent), Tripod / stands (nine percent) and sturdy waterproof cases or mounts (seven percent).

Sixty-five percent of the participants preferred Android to iOS, while only 25 percent preferred iOS to Androids. Samsung, Micromax, HTC, Sony and Lenovo were the top smartphone brands used for travel photography.

“With travel becoming more social, sharing experiences via mobile devices is gaining popularity,” Hari Nair, founder and CEO, HolidayIQ said.

HolidayIQ is India’s largest travel community and Holidays recommendation engine with 12 million members across cities and is also the first-holiday planning website in India powered entirely by reviews, photos, videos and other advice generated from these travelers.