if you have been thinking to buy a used car from days now, then there are things that you need to keep in mind. Generally, buying a used car is more complex than buying a new car, since, there are a lot of things that you might be concerned about as the buyer. Warranty is one of the most primary things that buyers are concerned about. Now, as a buyer you need to understand that, not all aspects about buying a used car is bad, and it is the smartest way to go sometimes when you can’t invest enough for a new car. Now, since there are a lot of choices when it comes to buying a used car, in this article, we will go through six tips that will help you, when you go buying a used car.

Set a Budget

Most of the people, takes out a loan when they are buying a car. If you also have a car loan, then make sure that the EMI is not over twenty percent of your take home salary. It is also very imperative that you plan a budget when you are buying a used car. Since, used car sometimes requires replacements of mechanical parts. They also require routine maintenance. Hence, you need to set a budget before you are going to buy a used car. Insurance is another thing, that you need to take in to the budget, that you have prepared. It is always advisable to have a budget, and then stick to it.

Build a List of Used Cars

Research is always important when you are buying a used car. Before going to a reseller or a dealership, make a list of the cars that you will like to buy. Take different brands to consider, and its always advisable to have 3 to 4 cars in your mind, that meets all your needs.

If you want a car which has a warranty on it, then you might go for a pre-owned one, or a car which is not older than 5 years.

Check Prices

When you are planning to buy an used car, you will face many price variations, depending on the place that you are buying from. Hence, when you are going to the dealership or retailers who deal in used cars, always check the price that other people are willing to pay for the model of the car that you want. This will help you in negotiation.

History Report

When you are buying an used car from a retailer or a dealership, always check the history report of the vehicle. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy the car from a relative or a neighbor who you trust blindly, then you dont need to see the report. Generally, what history report says is the number of kilometers travelled by the car, and if it faced any accidents or not. The number of repairs and also the original papers of the car, are included in the history report.

Contact the Seller

If you come to like the car, the next step is to contact the seller to talk about the vehicle. The seller or the previous owner can give you some tips about the vehicle as well. If the seller agrees, then you might also take the car for a test drive.


Negotiating is really very important in case for an used car. Keep in mind the maximum price cap that you can go up to, in order to buy the car is upon you. Hence, when you quote the starting price, make sure that it is lower than the actual free.

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