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Travel can always be a memorable experience, when there is a companion. With time this definition of companionship has changed. We have accepted & moved on with this change comfortable. There were times when we relied on books, newspapers, good old transistor radio, etc. Then came along the 21th century & with it came probably the biggest if not the best inventions of our time.

The age of smart phone is here & it will stay. Now apps have taken over most of our time. We love them, rely on them & believe me somewhat depend too. So be it travel or regular day to day life, these 5 apps have become a part of us.

Kindle App

Books & travel they have always been in a loved relationship. Habits don’t change and we still tend to carry a copy of our favourite novel while travelling. Thanks a ton to technology, now we have kindle, A blessing in disguise for those voracious readers as well as magazine lovers. Now we can carry almost all of our best books. You simply need to login and pick yours online & your journey is sorted.

Gaana Music

It is true that it is not always possible to read with keen interest or attention when you are travelling on the bumpy Indian roads. So, what is the next best alternative to pass your time? Well, just go to the Gaana Music app and hear your favourite numbers online. The app is filled with a plethora of music on almost all genres. Gaana is surely the way to relax your senses. Create playlists of your favourite songs & enjoy them while travelling.

Candycrush Saga

 If we can truly name a game to be a boredom killer this will be it. CandyCrush saga is known for its addictive nature among many others & also for its sheer colourful simplicity. It is a great way to pass your time. The Candycrush app is available for all devices.

Chess App

The intellectual people may still consider all these a waste of time. They are people who prefer to use their grey cells all the time. The chess app is an ideal option for such people. What is more? You can challenge your own friends at chess with the help of this app. Isn’t it a great way to pass your time?

Rummy App

Playing cards was the best pastime for long journeys. Now as people gather in fewer numbers, the chance of having a round of cards is much less. However, the avid card players can enjoy Indian Rummy online with Khelplay Rummy. They keep you entertained & excited with multiple promotional offers.

Here are few reasons why Rummy scores over the remaining apps when it comes to travelling apps:

  • It is a game that is easy to understand
  • The online app is user-friendly and easy to comprehend
  • The game can be played in many different ways and diverse variations of the game are available online.
  • A round of rummy game does not take much time making it enjoyable and quick.

So, the next time you pack your bags for a long trip, don’t forget to download the rummy app. This easy to use gaming app will make your entire travel enjoyable and fun.