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Professional mechanics use different lifting equipment, and car lifts are pretty common. They come in different sizes and styles, and choosing the right one can be daunting. However, evaluating the features of each model and the type of automobiles you want to lift can help in the section. Your choice of lift depends on your type of work, and understanding the different types of car lifts goes a long way.

Check out the different types of automobile lifts available:

1. Hydraulic car lifts

 Hydraulic lifts are common among mechanics who use automobile lifts often. These appliances employ the power of hydraulics to lift or lower the vehicle. They offer additional levels of safety and are easy to use. Moreover, hydraulic lifts are highly stable and are ideal for storage purposes. They are effective and popular since they combine power and hydraulics during operation.

2. Post style lifts

 Post style lifts come in the form of two or four-post lifts. They feature two posts across each other with stabilizing bars in opposite directions. Two post lifts are a common type of Bendpak automotive lifts, and you’ll mostly find them in home garages. Two post lifts are good space savers and can handle different sizes and types of vehicles.

 Four post lifts are excellent choices for mechanics who often lift heavy vehicles and are ideal for long-term storage. And this is because the other two posts enhance their stability. The four-post lifts are different from their two post counterparts in that cars are driven into the lift. You’ll likely spot these lifts in antique car shops or garages of automotive enthusiasts.

3. Scissors

 Scissor lifts are designed as drive-on styles with runways. They can be surface mounted or in-ground, and their lifting mechanism resemble a traditional parallelogram. These lifts raise or lower vehicles in a straight vertical path and don’t make ideal choices for storage purposes.

Scissors are suitable for working underneath cars in a home garage. They are common since they allow mechanics to work under a vehicle in the undercarriage. They are excellent choices for large vehicles like buses and trucks.

4In-ground lifts

In-ground lifts feature lifting devices below the garage floor. Most modern in-ground lifts have different hydraulic components in an enclosure. Why is this important? It minimizes the risk of soil contamination in case of hydraulic leaks.

In-ground lifts employ different pistons or scissors deepening on the weight being lifted. You’ll get lifts featuring two pistons or light lifting and others with three or more pistons for heavy-duty lifting. The good thing about these lifts is that they are convenient and space-saving. They are excellent choices for commercial applications, and you’ll find them in most leading repair shops.

The bottom line

There are different automobile lifts in the market. These are designed to fit both industrial and home garages. Some lifts come with additional stability for heavy lifting and storage, while others are ideal for quick jobs. If shopping for car lifts, consider the features and intended use and purchase from reputed manufactures or vendors.