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Learning how to cross dress can seem like an intimidating task. Some people tend to feel comfortable in another person’s skin, and may wish to imitate the other gender. Some people may not feel comfortable in their own gender, and may relate to the other gender and belong to the other gender. However, there is no need for the process to be uncomfortable or daunting. There are certain tips that one can keep in mind while crossdressing to ensure that you stay safe and comfortable, and manage to stay in style as well.

The first tip is to wash your face. Before applying makeup, ensure that you have a clean face. Simply splash water on your face, and use a cleanser to remove all traces of makeup and dirt. After washing your face, it is recommended that you use a toner to refresh your skin.
The next tip is to use a good razor and shave as close as possible. Shave in the direction of hair grown, lather again, and then shave in the opposite direction. The best time to shave is right after a hot shower, so that your pores are open. If you wish to shave without a shower, wrap a hot towel around your face. Once you have shaved, rinse your face with cool water. Ensure that you wait for 10 minutes to let your skin cool down and recover, before applying makeup onto your skin.
Another tip you can follow is to use a face mask, in addition to washing your face and shaving. Using a mask will help remove impurities on your skin, and provide a smooth, clear surface to apply makeup – with clear skin, it becomes easier to apply makeup.
An important tip to keep in mind is to stay hydrated and moisturized. Moisturizing your skin will help keep your skin soft and smooth, and will make putting on makeup an easier process. Make sure that the moisturizer is soaked into your skin before choosing to apply makeup.
Another tip to follow is to begin with foundation. Using foundation will help conceal certain blemished and growths, and ensure that you apply concealer on after the foundation. Once these layers are done, it becomes easier to apply makeup, and go for an aesthetic that you wish to have. Make sure you use good quality makeup, one that does not irritate the skin, and is easy to wash off.

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