It's nuts how far the original iPhone was ahead of the competition.

It seems like just yesterday in many ways that Apple released the first iPhone, but it was actually the better part of a decade ago. Even so, it took the better part of that “better part of a decade” for the competition to catch up, as this great video, showing the evolution of smartphones, shows.

First released on June 29th, 2007, the iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone by any means, but its clean minimalism, full-front touchscreen display, and ahead-of-its-time featureset immediately blew competitors like the BlackBerry Curve 8300, Motorola Q, Nokia N95, and Samsung BlackJack away.

But as this video from CNET shows, even though there were plenty of competitors on the ground when the iPhone debuted, it took until 2011 until all those competitors even came close to catching up with the original iPhone’s hardware innovations. Even then, BlackBerry was a hold out, taking until – no joke – 2013 to releaxe the BlackBerry Z10, which finally adopted the iPhone’s revolutionary form factor.

With this sort of a lead on its competitors, is anyone surprised the iPhone is unstoppable, accounting for a full 92% of smartphone profits?


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