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Health and fitness is very important and deserves attention from the beginning. Many people are yearning to reach a heathy weight and fitness. There various methods one can use to lose weight with some of them based on nutrition. You can be able to keep fit and healthy by controlling the dietyouuse while maintaining their nutrition value. There are many professional couches that can advise you on health and fitness programs through nutrition methods. For those people who are overweight or obese, one way of keeping fir and healthy is by weight loss. Diet control is one of the methods that can be used to lose weight.

One of the ways of using diet to lose weight is by consuming meal replacement shake. These are substitutes of solid food and are used for the purpose of weight loss by reducing the intake of calories. They are in form of drinks, soup, bar and so on. They have low calorie content while supplying enough amounts of proteins, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. The calorie content of these products is between 200-400food calories of energy. They usually have low fat content and high protein content. Due to these low fat and calorie content, they are helpful in losing weight while gaining essential nutrient content. Most doctors in the European Union prescribe them for weight control.

Steps to losing weight

You can follow these steps to ensure maximum weight loss:

  1. Reducing the amount of food eaten per day.
  2. Replacing two meal in a day by meal replacement shake
  3. Combine them with fruits and vegetables
  4. Include fiber in your dish

Options of meal replacement shakes

Meal options

You should combine the shakes with the real food to curb hunger problems. This includes combining them with food with calories. For example you can use shakes to replace the lunch time foods to reduce the calorie content present in the real food.


By use of shakes on can supplement nutrient needs while losing weight efficiently. They usually help in preventing unhealthy snacking, overeating and food craving.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits with high fiber content should be combined together with shakes. This helps wade of the temptation to eat food with high fat and calorie content. Vegetables should also be used together since they have low calorie content. The fruits and vegetable can be blended together to smoothen them.

Break monotony

Taking shakes for all meals can be very monotonous and boring. This become very difficult when one is losing weight since they make you lose motivation. Use different flavors to motivate you to lose weight effectively.

Calorie count

Calories contain 200 – 400 food calories; therefore you should not worry about the provision of the essential calorie count. Replace two meals a day with shakes since they are able to provide half the calorie as the real foods.


Combine the use of shakes with exercisesfor you to cut fat and lose weight effectively.