India is the biggest democracy of the planet and home to unlimited assorted qualities in topography, atmosphere, society, dialect and ethnicity. Positioned amongst the top investment destinations, India is all situated to develop and thrive with the movement of time. However, there is an alternate side of India, which discusses its Religion, groups, rank, and residents.

The newly formed state of Telangana witnessed a mob consisting of 150 transgender people who assembled at Dharna Chowk, Indira Park here and raised slogans against their discrimination in jobs, accommodation, welfare as well as security by a society, which discriminates against them in “every way”.

Transgenders with a legitimate graduation and post-graduation degrees spoke about how they were discriminated in every sphere of life and the onus they face due to their gender.

Veda Kumar of the Telangana Resource Centre, extended his hands in full support, communicated solidarity with the transgender group, and said that state needs to lead the pack in supporting them.

Transgender activist Chandramukhi while seeking for justice said, “Every human has a right to live and transgenders need the Nalsa judgment to be implemented in Telangana without which they face daily violence”.

In 2014, the Supreme Court recognised transgenders or eunuchs as third category of gender and directed the Centre and states to grant them all facilities including voters ID, passport and driving license. The Supreme Court said the states must construct special public toilets and departments to look into their special medical issues. The Supreme Court also added that if a person surgically changes his/her sex, then he or she is entitled to her changed sex and cannot be discriminated.

The apex court passed the order on a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) urging the court to give separate identity to transgenders.