Google has today dedicated an interactive musical doodle to virtuoso Theremin player Clara Rockmore on her 105th birth anniversary. The interactive doodle replicates a Theremin performer’s hand movements to create music, and is a lesson of sorts from none other than Rockmore herself.

Clara Rockmore was born on March 9, 1911 in Vilnius (now in Lithuania). She was a child prodigy on the violin, but due to medical reasons had to abandon the musical instrument. Instead of giving up on music though, she discovered Theremin, which is essentially a gesture-controlled electronic music instrument.


She not only mastered the instrument, but also convinced inventor Léon Theremin to add a greater range of notes to make it more responsive. Rockmore brought the instrument to the limelight and also performed as a soloist with the New York Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Orchestra, and the Toronto Symphony.

Clara Rockmore passed away in New York City on May 10, 1998, aged 87.