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Instant Effects

For those of you who are already physically active, there is some great news. Scientists have more data that shows the body changes within seconds of exercising. Your heart rate goes up, therefore blood goes to the muscles more quickly. Calories are burnt and your mood increases almost immediately.

Haven’t started your exercise routine yet? This is even more incentive too, especially if you’re a student, professional or someone who just needs to get stuff done. The effects on your focus and motivation are no joke.

If doing at least half an hour of cardio sessions, three to five days per week, your life span should increase by six years, according to research. Adding in a couple days or more of resistance training, and you’ll look more younger, be more consistently happy, have more energy, and you’ll keep the pounds off.

When you work out you’re lungs get stronger. Doing cardio such as running or swimming, triggers your brain to send more air into your lungs, so you can breathe more effectively. More oxygen gets sent to your muscles as well.

You’re motivation peaks mountain-high. Due to all the endorphins you’ll be producing, you will feel way more motivated and energized.

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Want to be less sick? When you work out, your immune system gets stronger thanks to the increase of immunoglobulins. You will be less prone to infections every time you finish a work out session, for up to 24 hours. Less sick equals more time accomplishing things, and feeling bad about having to catch up on work.

People think endorphins are the only thing you get from exercise. People forget about dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine which are all mood-boosting chemicals. These chemicals flood your brain for a few hours after an exercise session and up to 24 hours after an endurance event.

TIP: Do interval training on the elliptical or treadmill, or even when running outdoors. This can make you feel happier. In a recent study, women performing interval training had a much bigger mood boost instantly after working out than those who went at a steady pace.

Post-Workout Effects

Within a day of exercising, you are already building muscle. After a day of strength training or weight training, your muscles will start to rebuild the tiny tears you made in your muscles. Women recover from strength training faster than men.

Heart healthy isn’t just something you read on a pack of nuts anymore. After a workout session, your blood pressure lowers for up to 16 hours.

TIP: A more intense workout such as running, dancing, weight training, lowers LDL levels much more than if you just took a brisk walk.

You become more alert. You become more aware and focused post-exercise. A great workout session will increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain.

TIP: A study session, tackling a project, or working on goals is great to do right after a good workout. All cylinders should be firing in your brain.

During One Week of Consistent Exercise

The risk of diabetes significantly reduces because you become more sensitive to insulin. Blood sugar lowers therefore reducing risk.

See any differences in the mirror? You might have noticed you lost a few pounds by now.

During One Years of Consistent Exercise

The benefits at this point should be huge and after one year you probably won’t ever want to go back.

It should be way more easier to get off your butt and into your exercise routine. The endurance you’ve built will help with this.

Your heart rate will be lower since it now pumps more efficiently.

You should be burning fat almost 24/7.

Your cancer risk has been sliced in half. Numerous studies show that those who perform high levels of aerobic fitness reduce certain cancer risks over 50%.

You’ve added more precious years to your life during this time, but best of all, you feel frickin’ amazing. According to a study at Duke University, four months of working out is just as good as the effect of taking anti-depression meds. Your health doesn’t just bleed, but it pours out into your professional life. You become more focused, less moody and emotional, and more confident in yourself. People will want to be friendlier to you as well and more willing to work with you.