GAME: Tekken published by Bandai Namco

GENRE: PvP action fighting game


Tekken was once a favourite game to play on the console with friends and family. Most of us are familiar with Jin, Paul, Lee and all the other characters from the franchise. So, it is exciting to be finally able to play Tekken on the mobile.

Tekken is a 1v1 fighting game that can be played with only taps and swipes. The controls are easy and intuitive but call for a decent amount of skill. That is a refreshing change from purely number-based fighting games. There is also the fresh concept of move cards that are unique for every character. Before starting a match, you can choose nine move cards to take in with you. At a point during the match, you will be randomly given two to three out of these nine moves – each of which has a characteristic such as block breaker or punch or shove. What makes this interesting is that the opponent also has these cards – it is a very rewarding experience to use the right set of moves against the opponent.

The game has three modes. The first one is the story mode, where you join Kazuya Mishima as he fights an unknown opponent. Every chapter has multiple paths that you can take to reach the boss and can be fought in easy, medium or hard modes, based on your skill and character level. There is also a Dojo mode, where you fight against other Dojos while three of your fighters keep guard over your own. This, however, is not as much fun as you would expect multiplayer to be. The most fun part of the game is the Events. These last for a limited time and give a lot of rewards. The variety of rewards and challenges that are thrown at you keep things interesting.

You can play with over 20 Tekken characters. Each character belongs to a particular elemental power, so he or she is stronger than some and weaker than others – just like in the game rock, paper and scissors. The overall character art is beautiful and feels authentic. Their movements feel very close to the console counterparts. The story arc too feels genuine and interesting.

The game does not seem too punishing to the players who want to play without paying. You can complete the whole campaign once without having to make a purchase. The main monetisation is in the form of loot boxes through which you get characters, elements to upgrade them and special moves. The game, while being a definite treat for fans, has its share of bugs. It may not work properly on certain devices and is a huge drain on the battery. Loading times are also too long and too frequent.

VERDICT: Tekken on the mobile will surely bring back memories of your favourite characters but the bugs keep it from being a perfect experience. Still, I’d rate it seven out of 10. But then it is a fanboy speaking.