One international student wrote on Twitter: "If Trump wins, study in US will be only a dream." Photo: The PIE News.

Sharing their thoughts on social media, many have expressed consternation at the result, fearing that it may jeopardise their chances of studying in the US.

A Jordanian student wondered on Facebook: “Am I still going to be able to study in the US if Trump win?”

Meanwhile on Twitter, one prospective international student wrote: “Now I won’t study overseas in US. My mom won’t allow me. Trump has destroyed all of my dreams. All my plans are cancelled.”

“Now I won’t study overseas in US. My mom won’t allow me”

“If Trump wins, all my plans for my future will be cancelled because I’m actually planning to study in US,” lamented a second, while another shared: “If Trump wins, study in US will be only a dream.”

The reactions began early, with students tweeting as the voting results were announced from different states. At 9.35pm ET – as a win for the real estate mogul was looking increasingly likely – one tweeted: “Dear Trump, please lose. I want to study in US.”

International students already studying in the country also said they felt impacted by the result.

A Pakistani student said on Facebook: “I’m a Muslim studying in the US on an F-1 visa. I don’t want Trump to win… They say that the president won’t really have any affect on our daily matters, but I don’t want to imagine being treated worse than I already do at airport security.”

Meanwhile, one Indonesian student who lived in the US for five years confessed: “The election did and still do hold me back from continuing mystudy in the US.”

Describing how she had encountered discrimination as a foreigner living in the US, she added: “I cannot express just how deeply saddened that half of the country still vote for that man.

“I’m sorry, I fear that the outcome of this election will make my terrible experience even more magnified. I can’t go back to a country where I am not accepted for who I am. Yes, I’m maybe just a guest there but I would feel so unwelcomed and terrified.”

The comments reflect those shared in a recent survey in which some two-thirds of students who responded said they would be wary of studying in the US if Trump were elected.

It is one of multiple studies that have suggested a Trump presidency could dent international student numbers coming into the US.

Although the President-elect has not indicated that he intends to curb international student numbers or rights – and has in fact shed little light on his future plans for immigration policy – studies have indicated that the divisive rhetoric used in his election campaign could deter foreign students from coming to the US.

In a survey of more than 40,000 prospective international students published in June, 60% said they would be less likely to opt for the US as a study destination in the event that Trump won.

“Trump is good for India in many ways”

However, both this and the survey published last week also showed support for Donald Trump among some prospective students.

“Donald Trump is the best president for the American people, because nowadays the USA is not a safe place for its citizens and students,” an Indonesian respondent to the Study in the USA survey said. “Both American and foreign students need a safe place and schools where they can do their daily activities safely.”

Among those who responded more positively to the result on social media was Anil Rao, an activist and former student leader in India, who suggested that “Trump is good for India in many ways.”


[Source:- Pienews]