Sony Launches PS4 Slim Gold Edition

The rumours are true. Sony has announced the PS4 Slim Gold Edition. At the moment will be available in the US only and can only be bought from June 9 to June 17. Sony is touting “additional discounts on software and accessories” albeit not revealing any details just yet.

Aside from being gold, it has a price of $249 (almost Rs. 16,000), lower than the $299 (around Rs. 19,000) price point of the standard black PS4 Slim. So far there doesn’t seem to be any plans to bring this specific edition outside of the US with Sony’s European and Indian counterparts yet to announce it for their respective regions.
Should you buy the Gold PS4 Slim? Frankly, no. Sony has far better bundles on the store shelves. Particularly its latest offering. Rs. 28,990 gets you a PS4 Slim 500GB console, Horizon Zero Dawn, Ratchet and Clank, and Driveclub. In addition to this, Sony India is also throwing in a three month subscription to PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) – Sony’s online service that allows you to play multiplayer and grants you access to an assortment of games each month. Not to mention it comes with official warranty and support.

And if that’s not important, several consumers have reported being able to purchase the PS4 Slim 500GB for as low as Rs. 19,700 at grey market outlets in Delhi and Mumbai. Granted, you’re missing out on an additional 500GB of storage space, but between the PS4 hard drive being simple to replace and support for external hard drives, this is far from an issue.