Preparation is important to be successful in any sphere of life and to crack tough entrance exams like JEE it becomes very essential to be well prepared. If you are focused to attain good rank in JEE and secure seats in some of the best engineering colleges like the IIT etc, then planning your studies is utmost important.  Here are few tips that will help you prepare an exhaustive study plan for assured success.

Tips for preparing a study plan for JEE:

  • Know the exam thoroughly:  Before planning for the JEE mains exam, first and foremost should be getting to know the exam pattern properly.  JEE comprises of two papers JEE mains and JEE advanced. If you qualify the JEE mains then you are eligible for JEE advanced.  Students must know the JEE main syllabus properly and also important things like making scheme, important topics, weightage of different topics.
  • Prepare a study plan: Now when you know the exam properly, pen down a study plan that compromises of daily study hours, coaching class schedules, distribution of time for separate subjects etc. Make a point that you prepare for topics that need more time or are weaker than other topics or subjects. If you get a good hold on weak topics then you won’t miss out the chance to crack JEE mains 2016.
  • Motivate yourself: JEE mains syllabus is very wide and needs at least a year long preparation with full dedication. This can be difficult as one might get distracted with things like social media, social groups and other things that will waste your precious time. Do not let this happen by hanging posters with, motivational thoughts, a calendar that keeps reminding your goals etc. This will keep you focused and motivated for the final exam.
  • References and mock tests: Keep referring to JEE main 2015question paper and JEE advanced 2015 solutions, to get an idea of the exam paper, possible question pattern and important topics. Also testify yourself through mock test and know how well your preparation is. You can also use JEE mains rank predictor for accurate analysis.
  • Use answer keys: If you get stuck in difficult topics or questions then it is advisable to use JEE mains answer keys to get correct solutions to the difficult problems.
  • Analyze your preparation: Once you have testified yourself through certain mock tests, you will get to know the strengths and weakness of different subjects and topics. This will help you in dividing time according to the weak and strong topics.
  • Do not mug rather understand: JEE exam will always seem difficult if you just mug the concepts and have no understanding of the fundamentals. If you know the basics right cracking JEE mains 2016 will be a matter of practice only.
  • Latest Updates: Always keep yourself updated with all the information on JEE. Referring to JEE website for JEE mains syllabus, marking schemes, JEE mains latest news or any JEE advanced announcements will be the best. As the host will always spread the correct information.

These are few core tips that will help you in preparing for JEE exam. It is important to notice that although the subjects covered in both JEE main and JEE advanced are same but the difficulty level of both the exam are different. Therefore, students must prepare themselves thorough to clear both. Moreover, if you give your 100% effort for first attempt you might just clear it in one go and secure seat in best engineering colleges of India.