People use their wireless devices to access the internet more than ever before, so wireless networks have to improve their service to keep up with growing demands. Switching to WiFi used to be the better choice for mobile users, but as the network for wireless data improves, more people are staying connected at all times. There is a lot going on behind the scenes from the minute you turn your phone on until you access your email or other website from the device.

Your phone starts searching for a signal as soon as the power turns on then verifies the information via ID numbers. If you leave your service area, cell towers around you will communicate with your device. Networks, including 4G LTE, actually boast higher speeds than DSL internet connections, so users can download or stream content without buffering or other problems.

Connection issues are a frustrating experience for any mobile device user, but there are a few things to try if you have this problem. T-Mobile was one of the first networks to offer high-speed mobile data, and they continue to improve their speeds and availability. If you need to troubleshoot connection on your iPhone 5S, check if you need to update to the latest version of iOS or try restoring your phone. If your phone has connection issues, consider switching to another browser or close running apps. Read on to learn more about mobile data without WiFi.