Speaking about the device, Mr Amit Gujral, Marketing Head – Mobiles, LG India, said “We are really happy to see all the positivity around the LG G5 ever since its global unveil at the MWC. In fact, in a survey conducted in Korea the LG G5 topped consumer preference leaving its closest competitors trailing far behind. We hope to make this available to users in India very soon and are optimistic that consumers will love its revolutionary design and features.”

The G5 is the company’s latest flagship smartphone with a unique modular design that allows the users to swap out the bottom portion for a camera grip with an extended battery or a H-Fi DAC and amplifier with B&O Play. It also features two cameras at the back, one with a particularly wide-angle lens.

More details about the launch will be released at a later date.

[Source:- Gsmarena]