Galaxy S7 waterproof

Samsung has just granted us the clearest view yet of its Samsung Galaxy S7 hardware.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has received a fair amount of attention and no few leaks of late. Ahead of its February 21 unveiling, we already know what it looks like and what major features it will include.

Of course, most of this leaked information has come from unofficial sources. Which might make you wonder why the most revealing leak yet has come from Samsung itself.

Over on Samsung Indonesia’s web page, a video has been posted of local archer Dellie Threesyadinda training with her new Samsung phone. It looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, with a premium curved-screen design.

However, it’s clearly not that 2015 phone for one glaring reason – the athlete proceeds to use it in the pouring rain. The Samsung Galaxy S6 range is not waterproof, while there have been numerous rumours that the Samsung Galaxy S7 range will be to the tune of IP68 certification.

Shots of the back of the phone, meanwhile, seem to confirm reports that Samsung is doing away with the pronounced camera hump of the Galaxy S6 range.

The video also shows the Galaxy S7 Edge being placed on a wireless charge pad, confirming that one of the Galaxy S6’s neatest (if niche) features is set to return.

What’s more, the Indonesian teaser website on which Samsung has posted this video claims that the Galaxy S7 will “Bring light to the night,” seemingly hinting at the phone’s reported Britecell camera. It should be a strong low-light performer.
[Source:- trustedreviews]