iPhone will get OLED display in 2017

Apple will start using OLED screen tech in its iPhone range from 2017, a year earlier than expected. That’s the word from Japanese news agency Nikkei, which cites inside sources familiar with Apple’s plans.

Word is that the tech giant sounded out Samsung and LG in December about the possibility of developing an OLED screen for next year’s iPhone.

According to previous reports, Apple planned to start using OLED screens from 2018, with Samsung and LG as its key manufacturing partners alongside Sharp.

That Apple has moved its plans forwards suggests it’s concerned about flatlining iPhone sales, as well as the fact that the competition, including Samsung and LG, have launched phones which use advanced OLED tech.

OLED offers greater brightness and more efficient power consumption compared with the LCD tech currently used in Apple’s iPhone range.

Last year it was revealed that Apple was working on its own display technology at a top secret site in Taiwan. The company refused to confirm or deny the story when it was first broken in December 2015.

Apple is set to launch its new iPhone SE, an updated 4–inch model with improved specs, at a special event later this month.

[Source:-  Uswitch]