If there is one saying that has proven to be true over the ages, it’s the quip about getting what you pay for. Though this remark might sound a bit flippant, there’s no doubt that in the world of heavy industry, it’s a saying that should be taken seriously. Companies that try to cut corners financially when purchasing heavy equipment, like industrial mixers, will always end up paying more in the long run. Even though some equipment may come with a higher upfront cost, good equipment that is manufactured with great materials and great attention to detail will always be worth the money spent.

Choices in Mixers and Blenders

As the world of manufacturing has grown ever more high-tech and sophisticated, the choices in quality equipment have grown as well. Today there many types of mixers available in the marketplace, giving company owners a range of choices. Choices come down to many different aspects, including price (of course), functionality and quality. Some of the most widely used mixers are ribbon or paddle blenders or fluidizers. Rotary drum blenders are used more frequently in Europe than in the US, but they may become more widely used here as time goes on.

Right now rotary drum blenders present an improvement over some other mixers. Rotary drum blenders work quite rapidly, and they blend material quite thoroughly. Interestingly, these blenders don’t have moving parts on the inside of the blender. This is a plus, as this means these blenders won’t sheer off any product by a mixer blade during blending. The smaller size of these blenders also means they use less space, and are also more energy efficient. Though they are priced higher than ribbon or paddle blenders, over time they may save money due to their energy efficient features.

Fluidizers are a newer style of blender, and they have been shown to be very efficient, much more so than ribbon or paddle blenders. These mixers aren’t used as widely in the market right now, but will likely be used more in the future.

There are obviously a lot of ways to go as far as choices in blenders and mixers, but the key to success when purchasing these kinds of major equipment is to do the research before buying, and then buy a mixer that offers real value for the money.