Google has some plans to aspect with HTC this year for the launch of Nexus smartphones.  As per a media report, this amazing company has partnered with the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer to provide 2 Nexus-branded smartphones this year.

 If we look into the past, we will come to know that Google has partnered with several smartphone manufacturers to introduce Nexus series. It joined hands with Samsung to launch Nexus S, Google Nexus, and Nexus Ten among others. In the last year, it joins hands with Huawei and come out with Nexus 6p, with LG to launch the Nexus four, the Nexus five later on with Motorola and introduced Nexus half-dozen in 2014. If rumors are to be believed, Google will soon join hands with HTC for the new Nexus series.

Specifications And Design : What’s New!

As per a report, the google has plans to launch two new Nexus phones in this year, and each with the cooperation of HTC company. One of the upcoming nexus phones will carry a 5-inch display, whereas the second one will be of the 5.5-inch screen.

The new news comes out from the  memory board developer LlabTooFeR who  tweeted out the code-named of the 2 models. The smaller 5-inch model is going to be code named ‘T50’ whereas the larger model has been labeled as ‘T55’.

The smaller model can replace the LG-made Nexus 5X whereas the larger smartphone is anticipated to switch the Huawei-made Nexus 6P.

Next Nexus (2016): Style

Whether Google can modernize each device to continue giving 2 Nexus models may be a question that continues to be nonreciprocal. It’s been claimed that it’ll offer 2, and HTC is going to be creating each.

 We present;y don’t have clear information that how it would seem like but the trust of Google and HTC is high among their consumers so it will surely be gonna an amazing nexus series. With it, we can simply  expect the premium manufacturer and style, and doubtless in metal.

According to some reports the new Nexus devices are going to be smaller  as compared to the present one with five-inch and 5.5-inch models. However, the two new models will be full of amazing features and look as well. Google always offer stimulating devices that are average in look. With the trust of Google and HTC, we are sure that both will be amazing products that with nice features. You will be able to buy the amazing phone online with Aliexpress coupons India.

Nexus Upcoming Mobile: Hardware

 Apart from the size of upcoming smartphones, the information regarding the hardware that we get in two upcoming models is still a question. There are several rumors but didn’t get a definite wordings from anyone.

A decent camera.

In the past, we have seen that the Nexus series fee down because of camera performance. This was corrected for  recent devices, although still people are expecting Google to  improve the  camera performance. You can use Paytm offers code to get some discounts on it.

With these  attractive features, nexus brand, and a flagship phone from HTC, we are expecting something much better than the last one.