Tech giant Google has been constantly adding new features or making changes to make Android safe and secure. The company has reportedly made a change in Google Assistant that would limit its use when an Android phone is locked. 

Google is getting rid of the ‘Ok Google’ feature wherein the assistant would unlock a phone with Voice Match. The company stated that it is making the change to make the system more secure. Google did not add the feature of ‘unlocking with Voice match’ on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL upon launch and had already removed the feature in other Pixel devices and the Moto Z in its Android update version 9.27.

The search engine giant had announced at CES 2019 that it is doing away with the feature on all Android devices to make the platform secure. The new change would be rolled out in update 9.31, post which all other devices that were able to use the ‘Unlock with Voice match’ feature would not be able to do so anymore.

Previously, if a user asked ‘Ok Google, Read my messages’, the assistant would unlock the phone and open the messages app and start reading the first message. After the new update, users would be prompted to manually unlock the phone for the assistant to open the concerned app. The report by Engadget also stated that the interactions with the assistant would be limited to “personal results,” things like Google Calendar, email, reminders and shopping lists.The new update would secure your phone and not allow someone with a similar voice or a recording of the user’s voice to unlock or have access to the phone.