Imovie  a video editing software application.

Like you saw a video of your interest and you liked it very much. Now you are thinking to make a video of your own. But you don’t know how to do so, as you will need software to do editing and make a video.

So use Imovie, it enables users to view edit and share videos. But if you are a windows user, then you must download imovie for windows. This is the best alternative for video making. It is a great piece of software with lots of functions to help to create your own master piece.


Different video editing software has different features, but Movavi video editors features are pretty hard to resist. It features are as follows:

  1. Simplicity and functionality

You can easily upload the video into the program and start the editing right away. You can easily cut and trim, improve the video quality, even you can increase the speed and also can use slow motion effect. So in this simple way you can make a master piece or professional looking video without any professional training.

  1. Dozens of artistic effects

Effect of a movie has more impact on public, the best effect the best is the impression. So there are more than 40 effects to make your video. You can choose among these visual effects like retro style old movie, modern touch pop art, flying objects to create romantic mood, vertigo to give a feeling of going on a psychedelic journey. So you can make your best video from these artistic effects.

  1. Stylish transition

Transitions mean that how the video moves on it also has a great impact on public. This helps the video to flow smoothly. Movavi has different stylish transitions to fit every style and taste. Some transitions are like turning page, unfolding origami, turning pinwheel and there are many more. Transitions are more useful in slideshows.

  1. Slideshows creation mode

Through this video editor you can easily create amazing slideshow. You can insert various stylish transitions between the images and even you can add music to it and it will create a great movie video. So just sit and enjoy the video.

  1. Tiles

Tiles are mostly used in giving name in the video or any other caption to the video. There are more than 100 fonts of tiles. You can experiment with size, color and other text parameters. You can also create tiles with animated text, rotating captions in various directions. So use this features and has fun in watching the video.

  1. Supported formats

This feature helps to import and export video or any audio in popular format like AUI, MOV, MP4, MP3 WMA and many others. Special presets are also provided, so that you can save and watch your video on mobile devices also and a sharing option is also there, which helps you to upload your movie to Youtube.

These are some features of Movavi video editing software, through which you can easily make a master piece of a video movie. So just download it and make video of your choice and enjoy it.