Image result for Farmington school district investigates racist social media postsFARMINGTON, Mich. (WXYZ) – Students at Farmington High School are buzzing about a leaked Instagram chat.

Students said the chat was between Varsity baseball players at Farmington High.

The chat was originally a private thread, but it was screen grabbed and shared all over social media.

In the chat one of the boys calls African American girls ugly, another calls them inferior, one student remarks that the comments are racist, another is offended.

Students who reached out to 7 Action News say they are upset students at their school feel this way.

“I look at African American women who are empowered and great people and for people to blatantly be racist, it hurts, it hurts my heart because we live in a generation where we need to come together as a whole,” said a student who wanted remain anonymous.

He said he thinks there should be some punishment.

“They should really talk to their parents or they should be,uh, suspended from the team for a while or things like that in nature, because even though it was a private chat, it will get back to our school,” said the anonymous student.

The Farmington Hills Superintendent made a statement:

Administrators were made aware this morning of some inappropriate comments posted by students on social media and immediately took action to investigate the situation.  Once the investigation is completed, administrators will make any necessary decisions regarding discipline.  It is important to note that this does not represent the sentiment or overall character of our students. 

We will be using this as a teachable moment with students to help them grow and be prepared on how to handle these types of situations in the future.

Dr. George C. Heitsch
Farmington Public Schools 

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