Dishonored 2 Day One Patch File Size Discovered

Even though Dishonored 2 isn’t technically out yet, early fan reports indicate that the game does have a day one patch and it’s around 9GB for both consoles.

Since revealing the game in full at E3 earlier this year, Arkane and Bethesda have not been shy about talking and showing off all the many ways fans can play Dishonored 2. This time around players have the option to play as Empress Emily Kaldwin, who features a brand new set of abilities or take up arms once again as Corvo Attano, protagonist from the first game in the series. While the game technically isn’t out for another few days, many fans have already managed to snag a copy and have found a hefty day one patch waiting as well.

In addition to waiting for Dishonored 2 to install, players will need to prepare themselves for another large download once the initial install finishes. According to users on Reddit, PlayStation 4 players will have to also install a 9.1GB day one patch before they can start playing. Not to be out done, Xbox One players find themselves in the same boat as they will need to download a fairly similar 9GB update as well. Thankfully for digital players, the game pre-load already includes the patch so it should be fairly smooth sailing for players who opted to go that route instead.


While nothing official has been released by Arkane or Bethesda regarding what the update contains, players are reporting that the post-update game features better texture streaming, improved shadow quality, audio mixing, frame-rate performance, and reload times. Not only that, a number of bugs were also squashed and a mid-mission stats screen and saved game screenshot preview were also added. All in all, this sounds like an update that players will want to wait the extra time to download in order to have the best possible experience with Dishonored 2.

Day one patches are nothing new in this console generation, though releasing a larger than expected update seems to be a growing trend these days. Just recently, a similar situation arose with Microsoft exclusive, Gears of War 4, where gamers quickly found out that another massive day one update awaited them as well. While the 11 GB update no doubt improved the experience as a whole, it still proved to be an inconvenience for those who grabbed a physical copy and wanted to jump in to the experience as soon as possible. It’ll be interesting to see if this growing trend pushes more and more gamers to go digital, where the ability to preload allieviates most of those issues.



[Source:- Gamerant]