Destiny Guide: How to Get the Year 3 Gjallarhorn

There has been some confusion among Destiny players, but this guide should clear up any questions about how to obtain the Year 3 Gjallarhorn in Rise of Iron

When Destiny developer Bungie first revealed that every Rise of Iron player would be getting a Gjallarhorn, the studio did so with a few caveats. Yes, everyone would have their own Gjallarhorn, but only those who pre-ordered Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion would get the Iron Gjallarhorn version.

At the time, the idea of a black Gjallarhorn was enough for most players to pre-order Destiny: Rise of Iron, but what many missed was Bungie’s explanation of how players would actually receive the exotic rocket launcher. Like Sleeper Simulant and Black Spindle before it, Gjallarhorn was to be an exotic weapon quest.

But the key thing to point out here is that the Iron Gjallarhorn is given to the player right from the start of Rise of Iron. As soon as players fly into the Tower, the Postmaster will have the rocket launcher waiting, BUT they cannot use it yet. See this Iron Gjallarhorn is more like a skin – an infusible casing, if you will. It is only after players obtain the quest reward Gjallarhorn – the “real” Gjallarhorn – that they can use the Iron version.

How to Get the Gjallarhorn Quest

After completing the main story missions in Rise of Iron, Destiny players will be given a few post-narrative quests to complete. Among them will be a quest called that has players doing patrols in the Plaguelands and eventually while on patrol players will be asked to scan an anomaly in Site 6. After scanning the anomaly the player will be asked to return to the new social space, the Iron Temple, and there they will be given a quest called Beauty in Destruction – this is the Gjallarhorn exotic weapon quest.


Assembling the Year 3 Gjallarhorn

The first step is pretty easy to complete, provided that players know each of the Plaguelands’ major sections. Players will need to collect 7 medallions that are remnants of the Iron Lords. An icon will appear on the player’s HUD when they are near a medallion, but if you need a little more help the medallions are located at:

  • Felwinter Peak
  • Lord’s Watch
  • Archon’s Keep
  • Forgotten Pass
  • Giant’s Husk
  • Bunker Triglav
  • Site 6

After finding all of the medallions, players will be sent to the Crucible map Bannerfall to defuse bombs, hold off waves of enemies and collect early blueprints for the Gjallarhorn. The mission is similar to the subclass quests from The Taken King, in that they use a Crucible map as a battle arena.

Once the Bannerfall section is complete, the player will need to collect 5 Siva Clusters, which are like Rise of Iron’s version of Calcified Fragments. There are more than 5 to collect so players shouldn’t have a hard time fulfilling this part of the quest, but knowing where exactly the Siva Clusters are is a big help. For that we recommend consulting this growing thread on Reddit.

The Final Quest

With 5 Siva Clusters in-hand, players will then return to Earth for a mission in which they collect pieces of the old Gjallarhorn. As they collect the pieces, players will eventually end up on Frontier, one of Destiny’s Year 2 Crucible maps.


Here the player will need to defend Ghost as he rebuilds Gjallarhorn. Eventually the rocket launcher build will be complete and the player will have a chance to rain Wolfpack Rounds on the land with an unlimited source of heavy ammo. It’s your chance to see how Gjallarhorn compares to the Year 1 version.

Once players have the Gjallarhorn (at light level 350) they can infuse it into the Iron Gjallarhorn or leave it in its traditional “skin.” Either way, the player now has access to an old favorite and easily one of Destiny’s most popular guns.



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