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SEO is a very challenging field, and it has changed drastically in the last 6-7 Years. Earlier it was easy to get your website on the top position by creating a lot of links and other black hat techniques. It is very surprising that people still lack understanding of SEO in 2017, and how some people do not place its importance to websites.

Earlier it was recommended by experts that in Google search engine optimization, you should optimized keywords within the page, in the Metadata, used exact match anchor text of the targeted keywords in links to rank higher and it worked.

But SEO is a fast paced field, and things do not work for long, and SEO companies and individual marketers need to be updated all the time to get the desired results. With so many updates in the last couple of years by Google, like Hummingbird, Penguin, and Panda, it is important to focus on quality content and the overall topics, not exact match keywords

In this article it will explain what SEO means in 2017, why it is highly crucial, and how it ties in Content and Social Media.

Technical SEO Or On Page SEO – SEO means to make your website the most suitable resource on the internet as per the user query. Technical SEO includes making complete strategy before development work and sit with the developer on many aspects like

Fast Load Time – It is an official ranking factor and confirmed by Google. Faster your web page loads more advantage it has in Google.

Mobile Responsive – After the mobile revolution in this century, people are searching everything on their mobile, Tab and laptops. So it is highly crucial that your website should be completely responsive and mobile friendly. Mobile friendly sites have a clear advantage for better user experience and higher conversion ratio.

BackLinks –Many people think that links are not valuable as they were earlier.  This is partially right, now only the quality content with complete relevance contributes to increasing the visibility, authority of any website. Gone are the days when people used to submit hundreds of poor quality spam links and get the ranks. Now Google entertains only quality stuff.

Social Media – Social Media is an integral part of our life nowadays. Hence it is equally vital that social media should be incorporate into digital marketing strategy and online campaign.

All the points mentioned above clearly indicate that it is difficult to achieve a top position in Google if the website is not optimized from a technical point of view. There are checklists for developers which they need to pay close attention.

Social media optimization can help in building followers among the targeted audience before you have a website. If you don’t have a site yet, then start y with increasing you’re following on social media, such as Facebook groups, fan clubs and build up interest.

If you look for paid advertisements, make sure you have a well-organized plan that ties in with your Content Marketing strategy.

SEO is still important in 2017, and if you are working with a Search engine optimization agency or digital marketing agency, it is critical you follow their recommendations; otherwise, you will not get the desired results.