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Winstrol which is the brand name of the stanozolol is available in many forms. They  are

  • Capsules
  • Jel
  • Syrup
  • Tablets
  • Injectables

These options make Winstrol more convenient and can be used for various purposes. The most used form of Winstrol is tablets and injectables.  The most of the bodybuilders and athletes prefer Winstrolinjectables which are also called Winstrol depot. This can be easily purchased either online are in retail stores.

There is also Stanozolol intramuscular injections which provides bulk amount of stanozolol gradually over a period. However, the injections are much harder to use for an average person and can have different side effects. The Winstrol is distinct from other steroids since they are dissolved in water while the others are dissolved in oil because of this the Winstrol should be injected more often when compared to the other drugs.  You get only average result when you inject Winstrol once in two days, you can get best result when you inject daily dosage of 50 mg. the water retention in the case of Winstrol injection is very rare.  This make your muscle hard and dense.

The bodybuilders aim of hard muscles are obtained through Winstrol depot combined with a diet rich in protein and low in calorie. The Winstrol depot is often stacked with parabolan since it decreases the anabolic effect produced by the Winstrol.


The dosage various for every person based on their age, weight and their need. But on an average 50 mg of depot and 75 mg of parabolan once in two days can give decent results.

The other stacking options available for the Winstrol depots are

  • Haloteistin
  • Anavar
  • Masteron
  • Androl
  • Primbolon depot
  • Testoviron depot

There are moderate to little androgenic effects while using the Winstrol depot.  This androgenic affect intensifies in women when they use 50mg per week and in men for greater concentration. After the usage for a certainperiod the androgenic effect decreases automatically. This may lead to symptoms of masculinization in women.


It is very necessary for you to make sure the product you are buying is not counterfeit. Always buy your steroid from trusted and reputable company. Some of the tips to check the authenticity of your products are

  • It should be milky white watery solution enclosed in a ampule
  • The original form separates if the ampule is left unshaken for quite a lot of time
  • It forms distinct layer clearly when the ampule is made to stand upright.
  • It can be mixed when shaken rigorously
  • The original ones usually come in 1 ml ampule containing 50 mg stanozolol

You should consult your doctor and discuss if you have any medical conditions or if you are on any medication, other possible threats of having negative reactions with Winstrol before using the steroid. It is legal in only some countries.


The use of the Winstrol can leave an injection mark. So, the injection should be alternated between the body parts. You can reduce the frequency of injection by increasing the dosage.