Aboli Naravana becomes UPSC Maharashtra topper

Maharashtra UPSC topper Aboli Naravane, who celebrated her birthday recently claims to have gotten her best present as she stood 78th rank across India and the first in the State. The third attempt in clearing the examinations, Aboli did not lose hope and attempted to go for the exams again by devoting as many as 13 hours a day.

She pushed herself to the maximum limits and earned herself a 165 Rank and a posting in Indian Revenue Service. Explaining her never-say-die attitude, she says, “I took the job up, but kept trying as becoming an IAS officer was my dream since childhood. Besides, I thought, I had nothing to lose as I was already a civil servant.”
Taking inspiration from the principals of Mahatma Gandhi, she says that doing well in UPSC in her third attempt was easier than she thought, “By then, I had a good grip on the syllabus and my aim was to improve the quality of my answers.”

For the students who would appear for the exams, Aboli has a piece of advice as well. She says, “The paper is tricky and a few questions take longer than expected. But the key to crack it is to write objective and simple answers. Long and complex answers are not appreciated.”

A trained Kathak dancer, Aboli is a die-hard  Sachin Tendulkar fan and wants to retire with the same ideals and achievements as him, one day.